Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen

Scottsdale Location

Locations in: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Fairfax, Houston, Newport Beach, San Diego, Santa Monica

Website and Menu (varies at each location)

I always feel safe when I eat at True Foods. Even better, I feel good about what I’m eating. All menu items at True Foods are approved on Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet. I live & went to the University where Andrew Weil does his work at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Basically, the diet is rich in vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, grains, proteins, herbs, etc and very limited sweets with no refined sugars and allows red wine. The anti-inflammatory diet can be used for a variety of health needs, especially those with autoimmune disorders as well as preventing cancers, alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

Below is an image of the pyramid.


Okay, so back to True Food Kitchen. The menu easily highlights gluten free options and the staff in my experience has been exceptional at accommodating other food restrictions including dairy. My favorite dish is the Spaghetti Squash Pasta and I have trouble ordering anything else because I love this dish so much! I add chicken to make it a bit more filling, since it tends to be on the small side. I also order it without cheese, to make it dairy free, but still delicious!


On my last visit, I also learned that the hummus appetizer can be ordered gluten free (even though it’s not labeled on the menu that way) and they serve it with gluten free pita (note: not all locations may have this option). The gluten free pita was amazing and grilled slightly to make it warm. I had trouble not filling up on the hummus before my meal came!


My mom ordered the Red Chili Shrimp and got it with the shirataki noodles (to make it gluten free) so I could taste it and it was really delicious! The noodles were a great texture. Just be sure to sub the sesame noodles out for gluten free.


I have actually never had a bad experience at True Food Kitchen in Scottsdale and I have dined more than a handful of times. I highly recommend this restaurant for food sensitive patrons and anti-inflammatory eaters alike! My family and I had such a great time celebrating my brother’s birthday early. The kitchen even split a cake in the back that we brought in from a local bakery. Happy Birthday Patrick!



Update: I now live in Dallas and went to the Dallas location! It’s just north of downtown (~15-20 mins north) and it’s fantastic! It felt like being at home, what with Dr. Weil being from the U of A and having Fox Restaurants all over AZ. I ordered the Panang Curry with Chicken and it was amazing! Definitely rivals the spaghetti squash (but that dish will always have my heart).



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