Stars: Day 56 #100PositiveDays

Tucson is a special place.

I may be a little biased since it’s quite possibly my favorite place in the world, and also happens to be the place I call “home.” It has majestic mountains, the bluest skies, and this combination makes for a constant real-life painting backdrop. There are bike paths on every road, snow an hour away in the winter, and Tucson lacks the more sweaty quality of my new place of residence (humidity). But beyond all of this, Tucson has consciously made a decision to prevent light pollution of our skies. The University has an impressive astronomy program and from the surrounding mountains, telescopes reach to discover all sorts of new things about the world beyond the clouds.

Credit: Cristobal Young

Credit: Cristobal Young

You can be in the middle of town and still look up and see a hundred stars. Granted, it comes with its cons- many people don’t like driving on roads without street lights. Gait enters though, all it takes is one solid minute of staring up into that night sky to decide it’s all worth it.

What is it about the stars that can completely distract your mind from all the other clutter? I see the stars like many people see the ocean, only I didn’t grow up near any water. But it doesn’t matter, because you can gaze up into those stars and see the same depth to the world and feel that sense of how minuscule your single body is in the vast planet. Ocean or stars? For me, I prefer the stars, for they can take us even beyond the ocean. Step outside and take a gander – it’s out of this world. 


Banana Pancakes, babycakes!

“Wakin’ up too early
Maybe we could sleep in.
I’ll make you banana pancakes
Pretend like it’s the weekend now.”

– Jack Johnson

This song describes my boyfriend so well. He IS┬áJack Johnson (Well… maybe just a little less famous). He is all about forgetting the world, jammin’ to some music, and living in the present. That’s why he’s part of my medicine.

So┬álast week, Gabe was craving something sweet. Since such a thing does not exist in my house (at least not with sugar) he said, “Babe! We could make those pancakes tonight!” And so we did. At 10 pm, we made banana & egg pancakes. Cuz we’re awesome.

Image-1 (9)

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Stop and Smell the Coffee

So, this sugar-free diet has me drinking water, and only water. I could drink tea, but I’m just not a fan. I have never enjoyed drinking coffee, as much as my family and peers have tried to persuade me (especially during those all-nighters studying for anatomy and physiology!!). However, since I’m limited to water and lemon these days, I decided to try drinking coffee and the verdict is out: I’m hooked. Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe it’s the long days. I’m pretty sure it’s just the lack of variation in my drink-able diet, but whatever it is, this stuff suddenly tastes amazing!

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