Restaurant Review: Sir Veza’s

Sir Veza’s Taco Garage

Tucson, AZ (2 Tucson Locations, 3 Phoenix Locations)

Website and Menu

Sir Veza’s founder and chef are in the same family as the El Charro family. I have been told that there is Celiac in the family and that’s a huge part of why they take gluten free seriously (but this is secondhand information). I have found the speedway and swan location in Tucson to be much better trained, both in their overall service as well as knowledge on gluten free options. I really try to avoid the oracle location if I have a choice.

I loveeee me some Sir Veza’s. Gluten free menu options are marked on the normal menu, so you don’t have to ask for a separate one. The options really are endless here with tacos on corn tortillas, wings, fried chicken, rice bowls, chicken sandwiches & burgers with Udi’s buns, and more. Complimentary, you will start out with some chips and salsa, with the chips being made in the dedicated gluten free fryer. (Just because these things can change at any time, I like to periodically double check that they’re still being made in a separate fryer).


I love the wings here, because often wings can be a hard thing to find. (The only other safe ones I have found in Tucson are at La Cocina downtown). My favorite are the prickly pear wings, which are shown below with sauce on them and with the sauce on the side. Other options are franks hot which is dusted with several seasonings and served with franks hot on the side. I’m not a huge fan of these franks wings because the 6 spice dusting tastes dry and feels like I’m inhaling hot powder. Lastly there are diablo wings with agave and Sriracha, which I have not yet tried. These are served with “Old skool” fries automatically, but can be subbed for another side. The old skool fries are made in a dedicated gluten free fryer, but again, always good to clarify that you need them to be. Even though menu options say “gf” I always like to tell them that they need to be gluten free, just in case there are any subs necessary or a fryer is involved.



What a treat. Gluten Free fried chicken… in the desert. This is really quite special and a rare find. I’ll admit it’s not the southern fried chicken I am used to and really hoped for, because it lacks the thick crunchy crust. However, in the end it’s much healthier and I feel much better eating this than a thicker-crusted fried chicken. A great option! Served with 3 sauces, including a delicious prickly pear bbq.


Sir Veza’s is a wonderful option for gluten free diners in Tucson and surprisingly well-versed when it comes to cross-contamination and fryers, offering a huge range of gf menu options. It definitely doesn’t end at the “cervezas” (beer) at this fun, casual, body-shop-themed Tucson bar.


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