Restaurant Review: Chick-a-Biddy


Atlanta, GA (downtown)

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A southern Celiac heaven! Serving up a huge gluten free menu, in a kitchen where everything that’s fried is gluten free! That means no cross-contamination in the fryer. Not only that, but Chick-a-Biddy specializes in fried foods, so that means you can find fried chicken, wings, french fries, chicken tenders, and alllll the sides you want. Not to mention the mac & cheese!


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Gluten Free in the Atlanta Airport

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport:

Gluten Free Food Options

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A few years ago, had I written this post, it would have been filled with disappointment and a lot more empty space. I am proud to say that this Delta Airlines hub has made huge improvements in their restaurants offering gluten free items since that time. If you find a new restaurant, or notice that one has closed, please comment below to let me know. The airport is constantly adding new restaurants and switching out old ones so it can be hard to keep up! I hope this helps serves as a guide to navigating what can be a very large and stressful airport, during difficult times for those with food allergies/ intolerances.

*The options with asterisks are my favorites.

**Those with 2 asterisks are the safest for celiacs, based on my experience.

Note: Not all options on this list have been verified, and ingredients always change, as does employee knowledge and level of cross contamination. Use this list as a guide, but always speak up and ask about cross contamination and current ingredients.

Terminal T
Terminal A
Terminal B
Terminal C
Terminal D
Terminal E
Terminal F
Domestic Terminal

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