Flying with Food Restrictions

Airport food. Plane food. Yikes.

It’s awesome that markets and places like Cibo are carrying more gluten free snack options like chips, yogurt, cookies, dried fruit, trail mixes, fresh fruit and salads. But when I fly and end up eating all this crap, I always feel full and sick. It’s not a good, satisfied full. It’s a nasty, gas-creating full, while I’m about to enter a plane and sit for 4 hours.

Flying on a special diet, with dietary restrictions, food allergies, on a diet, or just to eat healthier!

Here are some ideas for how to have a more “normal” day of flying by bringing your own food, saving money and your intestines.


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Gluten Free in Tucson, AZ

My Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Surprisingly, Tucson has done a very good job in recent years of getting some good gluten free options and several safe kitchens. We now have 3 dedicated gluten free restaurants/bakeries and many of their products can even be found at other restaurants in town.


By Area


  • Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery
  • The Melting Pot
  • Flemings Steakhouse
  • *Blanco (La Encantada)
  • North (La Encantada)
  • El Charro link to my review
  • Sir Vezas link to my review
  • Red Robin
  • Saffron Indian Bistro
  • Acacia
  • Zona 78
  • Wildflower
  • Tucson Tamale Company
  • Harvest
  • Truland Burgers and Greens
  • Contigo Latin Kitchen
  • Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
  • Claire’s Cafe


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Things to do in Tucson for People with Disabilities

This post should really be “suggestions of a few things to do” because the options here are nearly endless. If you have physical limitations, and live in Tucson or are visiting, there are all kinds of great activities for recreation. Those of us who are residents are lucky to live in a very accommodating city! *Note – it is always possible something has changed and although I try and keep this list updated, prices and accommodations change regularly, so always call first.


  • Attractions
    • Old Tucson
      • Wheelchair accessible, but dirt streets
        • Fee for chairs to rent
      • Pet Friendly (but not indoors)
      • $17.95 adults, $10.95 kids (4-11). Seniors & military save $2
    • Reid Park Zoo link
      • $9 adults, $7 seniors 62+, $5 kids 2-14
    • Tucson Botanical Gardens link
      • $13 adults, $12 students/military/seniors, $7.50 kids 4-12

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Gluten Free in the Tucson Airport

Gluten Free Food in the Tucson Airport

There aren’t a whole lot of gluten free options at the Tucson International Airport, but there are definitely a large variety of pre-packed foods in Cibo, Arizona Marketplace, Ikes, and Desert News. There are a few options in the restaurants as well, and they are listed below. If you have an experience or find gluten free food items that are not listed below, please share with me by commenting below!

A Concourse (Gates A1-A9)

Southwest, American, Frontier

Arizona Marketplace

Various pre-packaged GF snacks

Boar’s Head Deli

Ask for meat rolled up, without bread. I ordered an Italiano sandwich, no bread, no cheese. It had salami, lettuce, tomato, and roasted red peppers. It was wrapped in a paper wrap. See photo below. (this was from the other terminal, but same restaurant)


Cibo Market

Various pre-packaged GF snacks


Surf Sweet candies and gf snacks

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New Years Resolution

Last year, for my new years resolution, I took part in the OneWord365 movement, to choose just one word to live by, each day of the year.

I like the idea of choosing one word, because it’s simple and easy. So, not only do you remember what your resolution is, but it’s much more manageable to stick to it than, say, many of the diet and fitness fads that tend to float around this time of year.


This year, my word is “Trust.” Trust in Him. Trust in the process. Trust in myself. This year has been a bit of a roller-coaster. Moving back home to Tucson for a year and having shoulder surgery were both unexpected bumps in the road. But through it all, I tried to remind myself that it was all a part of God’s plan for me. And sure enough, it has been a pretty life-changing few months. I’ve learned all kinds of new lessons that will stick with me in many different aspects of my life. I learned that, if God brings you to it, he really will bring you through it.

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Restaurant Review: Page, AZ


Page, Arizona – some of the most beautiful land I’ve ever seen, with some of the most poor food options I’ve encountered. Page has a population of 7,000, just a few thousand less than Sedona. Granted, Sedona likely has more tourism, but Page has the most incredible selling point, in Antelope Canyon!

After we saw the wonders of upper Antelope Canyon, it was really downhill… and I mean steep… from there as far as Page’s food goes. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, which I must admit was very nice – simple, but clean. The internet was incredibly spotty and slow, and since the place was packed (don’t go between Christmas and New Years), by 8:30 the next morning the free breakfast was nearly all gone, including the coffee, yogurt, and most everything else. They did not have good options for me to eat to begin with, but it would have been nice for Gabe to had something to eat. Overall though, I would stay there again, (or maybe the courtyard marriott) since there doesn’t seem to be much else in Page.

I hate writing a review like this, but it needs to be said.

The options for food looked great when I went on the Find Me Gluten Free App! Two places, called Bonkers and Rivers End Cafe, looked to be very promising! Rookie mistake: I didn’t check to see their hours of operation. Bonkers is only open March through October (since it’s a big lake town) but does have a gluten free menu if you’re there in the warmer months. Unfortunately, I was there in December. Rivers End Cafe looked exciting, except that it closed at 3 and our tour didn’t end until about that time.


After much searching online, I realized the town had very little else to offer. Since Mexican food tends to be easily made safe, we decided to head over to Fiesta Mexicana. You can find the menu here, but the gluten free items are not marked, and there is little to no training for the staff. We were greeted by a gentleman who took our drink orders, and when I asked for a margarita with no mix, just lime, tequila, and soda water, he replied that the margaritas are pre-mixed and walked away. Ooookay! Gabe ended up going over to the bar and getting one for me. The waiter finally came to our table 20 minutes later and hurridly asked for our order. I ordered the chicken taco (yes, only one taco, Fiesta Chica), told him I needed to be gluten free, and that I needed corn tortillas. “He said, you want extra on the side?” I said, “No, just corn with the meal.” He continued arguing, not understanding, and moved away from me to Gabe, before I could finish ordering. As he left the table I said, I need rice with that, no beans. He didn’t even give me the chance to finish my order! I Was Appalled. It wasn’t looking good.

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