FREE Resources for Families During COVID-19

There are so many fantastic FREE resources out there right now so I wanted to compile my favorites in one place. I hope it’s helpful!


Activity-based Resources:

40+ Indoor activities for busy toddlers link

Highlights- crafts, recipes, games link

3 weeks of maker stations for creativity link

Daily science experiments link

San Diego Zoo – videos, activities, games link

COVID-19 time capsule worksheets link


Twirligig – Rainbow paper spinner toy link

Puzzle from a cereal box – simply cut up the cardboard box into 20 or so pieces and you have a free puzzle!

Crafts, mazes, dot-to-dots, etc link


Physical Movement:

Free Taekwondo classes Facebook link

Fun physical memory-based game link  (2-person)

GoNoodle – free, tons of videos for movement & mindfulness. Check out indoor recess, Zumba, and flow for my favorites! link

Cosmic Yoga – free yoga for kids link

Paper plate tennis link (2-person) (2 paper plates with paint stir sticks taped on and use sheet hung for “net”)

Do the bear walk video (lots of different great movements) link

Kids workouts link

Stories and Electronic Resources:

Instagram stories ready by famous people to raise money to for children school supplies and food link

COVID-19 Social stories link (what is social distancing; masks, face shields, and gloves; getting a haircut; why does my therapist/doctor look different; mask coloring book; coronavirus test story; video chat with people; putting a mask on my toys; distance learning; schools closed; etc).

Mental Health and Disability-specific Resources:

Child Mind Institute – frequently hosting webinars that are available both live and after (ie: ADHD, anxiety, parenting during COVID) link

Social story for wearing face masks to help kiddos understand all these changes link

Variety of great links and resources on here (local Tucson non-profit, ITK) link

Pediatric OT:

Dexterity and UE strength with coins link

Hand strength and VM skill with just a sheet of paper link

Keyboarding practice games link

Fine motor activities with household items link

Keep checking back as this list will continue to be updated! Last update 4/20/20


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