[Food] Philosophy

Here’s the story of how this blog came to be… Well, the food part at least.

After many years of struggling I have finally found a diet that has allowed me to feel better than I ever have. With the help of a gifted dietitian and lots of trial and error, I have been on a path to healing since January of 2014. I began a strict gluten free diet in August of 2011, since January of 2014 I have been sugar free, and since that same June, dairy was added to the list.

Gluten free and dairy free are pretty well defined and have obvious limits to most people. Refined sugar free on the other hand can mean a variety of different things, so I have outlined what my definition of sugar free is, in my current diet, and for the recipes on this blog.

  • No sugar/sweeteners, this includes artificial sweetners such as stevia, truvia, and xylitol.
  • Limiting natural sweeteners, such as honey and maple syrup. I use lots of cinnamon, bananas, citrus and a variety of other clever, real food ways to sweeten foods!
    • Why do I limit natural and avoid artificial sweeteners? The main reason is because my dietitian recommended it, so I wouldn’t crave sugar and therefore wouldn’t need it. It was not an easy process and I avoided all syrups for the first year+. I craved sugar for months, like a true addict. The other reason I avoid it is that I’m still learning. I seem to have a reaction to certain types of artificial sweeteners, and at this time in my life I’m happy with how things are going. Eventually I may want to test them out individually, but I am still healing and enjoying feeling healthy for the first time in my life. Sugar free is also thought to have a positive contribution to POTS and mast cell disorders.

Your food intake very likely is different than mine, and that’s OK – it’s all about what is right for your body. I have simply outlined here what you will find in the recipes on this site.

It’s also OK if you aren’t sugar free! Most of my recipes can be enjoyed by anyone, however you may treat what I call “dessert” as more of a snack food. Being sugar free has allowed me to taste the natural sweetness in many foods, and dessert-type recipes may not taste as “sweet” to you. Whatever your taste, there’s something for everyone!

Browse, make, enjoy! ❤



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