New Years Resolution

Last year, for my new years resolution, I took part in the OneWord365 movement, to choose just one word to live by, each day of the year.

I like the idea of choosing one word, because it’s simple and easy. So, not only do you remember what your resolution is, but it’s much more manageable to stick to it than, say, many of the diet and fitness fads that tend to float around this time of year.


This year, my word is “Trust.” Trust in Him. Trust in the process. Trust in myself. This year has been a bit of a roller-coaster. Moving back home to Tucson for a year and having shoulder surgery were both unexpected bumps in the road. But through it all, I tried to remind myself that it was all a part of God’s plan for me. And sure enough, it has been a pretty life-changing few months. I’ve learned all kinds of new lessons that will stick with me in many different aspects of my life. I learned that, if God brings you to it, he really will bring you through it.

‘Cause every little thing, gonna be alright.

-Bob Marley

Since I was thrown into these experiences the last few months, I really didn’t have much choice but to have faith and keep on keepin’ on. However, moving forward, I can make that decision on my own, regardless of force. I can choose to trust the process, and believe that each day will bring new challenges and with each twist and turn, I will only grow and learn from it. Knowing that I can trust everything will work out for the best, will decrease my stress this year and help me live each day to the fullest!

So, See? Just by sticking to one word, the impact of my new years resolution can reach even further beyond the meaning of that word.

I also want to note that I plan to try and live with less this year and declutter my life a bit. In cleaning out my childhood bedroom, I am beginning to realize how much excess I have: class t-shirts from high school, old presents I’m never going to use, jewelry with missing pieces or tarnish, and socks with holes! It can be hard to donate, or throw away too many things in one day, so I am trying to spread it out and go back to areas I have done later, when I am ready. Living with less will help me be more organized and simplify my life. I am excited for this new challenge!


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