Gastroparesis Awareness


Sooo the color for gastroparesis awareness just happens to be the same as celiac! Green. Cool. Anyways “they” (the powers that be) decided we should all wear it on Valentines Day. My question: Why valentines day? When everyone is wearing pink or red (or if you’re on my campus, today is a huge basketball game so they are all covered in blue). Is it because we have awful digestive tracts that makes dating awkward? Is it because most associate valentines with candy which might make us sick? Who knows. Anyways, I’m all about awareness, so here it is!

photo (20)

For those of you who don’t know, GP is delayed gastric emptying which causes all kinds of GI issues and symptoms and often leads to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. The reason for the turtle-like intestines is a damaged vagus nerve, which controls the contractions in your stomach (for all you physiology nerds- cough, Courtney). It’s common with ehlers-danlos patients because we often have “stretchy stomachs.” GP is treated with a low fiber, low fat diet and often with prescription medication.

What’s crazy about this condition is how many people do not know they have it and go through incredible pains without understanding why. Thankfully more people are beginning to understanding the connection between the gut and the brain, which shows how GI issues can lead to other symptoms including mood swings, anxiety, and brain fog.

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Happy Valentines Day! Check out this sugar-free, food free giant kiss I made for Valentines Day! (It’s super easy from a 2 liter bottle and aluminum foil. Check out the tutorial by Crafted in Carhart)!


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