Restaurant Review: Edmund’s Oast

Edmund’s Oast

Charleston, SC: Downtown

Website and Menu

Edmund's Oast Charleston, SC Gluten Free restaurant review

A new find in Charleston! Thanks to Tiffany, a reader who commented on my Gluten Free in Charleston post, I was introduced to this fabulous spot. Oddly enough, a friend of mine is friends with both the Head Chef and Pastry Chef. Julia Ingram, Pastry Chef of Edmund’s Oast, is a young entrepreneur who opened Sweet Radish bakery a couple years ago and is gluten-free herself. She recently closed the dedicated gluten-free bakery and decided to work at Edmund’s Oast full time, but brought her gluten-free expertise with her. This, coupled with the fact that her fiancé is the head chef, makes for an incredibly gluten-free friendly environment!

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Restaurant Review: Slightly North of Broad (SNOB)

Slightly North of Broad

Charleston, SC: Downtown

Website and GF Menu

Slightly North of Broad Restaurant Review Charleston SC Gluten Free

The first time, we dined on a Sunday in December and I made a reservation for 7:15 pm around noon that day without problem, however, the place was completely booked when we got there. The second time, we dined on a Thursday in March and I made reservations weeks in advance with little availability. I highly suggest making a reservation a week or so before. I used Open Table to make the reservation and in the comments I always write “gluten free and dairy free guest” so they can be prepared. I also think it helps reinforce that they have guests with food restrictions dining who appreciate their restaurant. Upon arrival, the gluten free menu was already ready for me!

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Dining Gluten Free in Charleston, SC

Top Places to Eat Gluten Free (safely) in Charleston, SC

Charleston, in case you haven’t heard, is a bit of a foodie town. You will generally find high-quality ingredients (many farm-to-table) and excellent flavor combinations, for a decent price. It’s also in the south, meaning, you will find a lot of shrimp and grits as one of the only gluten free options listed. However, as far as dining gluten free in the south, Charleston does a much better job than many surrounding areas.

Charleston, SC Gluten Free restaurant dining. Travel! This list highlights my favorite restaurants in Charleston that will not only serve good tasting food, but also have a celiac’s best interest in mind. In general, these are in order (within each category) of my personal experiences and likelihood to return, from most positive to least. I am always updating, so check back often!

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Restaurant Review: Fat Hen

The Fat Hen

John’s Island – Charleston, SC

Website and Menu w/ GF options (*)


This charming gem is found a short drive from downtown Charleston and without a doubt makes the top of my list, when it comes to dining gluten free in Charleston. I have eaten at this dinner restaurant more times than I can count, and each and every experience has exceeded my expectations. The wait staff are always attentive, informed, and professional and the quality of the food never disappoints. Gluten Free options can be found on the main menu and include salads, mussels, coq au vin (chicken), short ribs (The Rib, not the Braised Short Rib), grouper, duck, salmon, and even crab cakes can be catered to celiacs. I never worry about cross contamination here and the restaurant is certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. Even better, many ingredients and beers (not gluten free, though) are locally sourced. Continue reading


Restaurant Review: Sticky Fingers

Sticky fingers:

Mt. Pleasant location in Charleston, SC

Website and Allergy Guide

Walking into Sticky Fingers, I found an Applebee’s, or TGI Fridays type of atmosphere (relaxed & family-friendly) with wood tables and benches, playing country music. This was refreshing, since it can often be hard to find moderately-priced restaurants with safe, gluten free options.

I was greeted by the hostess and upon asking for gluten free menu they handed me this:



Gluten Free menu online by Gluten Free Guide HQ Link

I sat down and when the waitress came by and I asked if the wings were fried with gluten-containing items (since the menu says they are “flash fried”). She nearly interrupted me to happily say, yes they are shared but we can make them gluten free by just asking the chef to bake them! It was like she was so confident in her answer and couldn’t wait to share, before I could even get all the words out (and I talk fast).

Other menu options include pulled chicken salad, pork, brisket, ribs, sausage, and various chicken plates. They have several potato and veggie sides that are gluten free. Additionally, all the BBQ sauces are gf and several other dressings including ranch, blue cheese, and honey mustard.


I ordered the small order of mild wings, and there was nothing spicey about them. They almost didn’t have sauce, just seasoning, which makes me happy because there is likely less sugar than those drenched in sauce. Someone from the kitchen, or a manager, not sure which, brought my meal. This could have been coincidence, or it could have been because mine was “special” and gluten free. Not to mention, the food came out less than 10 minutes after I ordered (keep in mind this was an appetizer dish). *This dish usually comes with celery and ranch or blue cheese, but I asked for just the wings.


Overall I am thoroughly impressed with Sticky Fingers due to their impressive gluten free menu, knowledgeable staff, and relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. I felt safe eating the food and was very satisfied with the price. I give Sticky Fingers 5 thumbs up!