Restaurant Review: Slightly North of Broad (SNOB)

Slightly North of Broad

Charleston, SC: Downtown

Website and GF Menu

Slightly North of Broad Restaurant Review Charleston SC Gluten Free

The first time, we dined on a Sunday in December and I made a reservation for 7:15 pm around noon that day without problem, however, the place was completely booked when we got there. The second time, we dined on a Thursday in March and I made reservations weeks in advance with little availability. I highly suggest making a reservation a week or so before. I used Open Table to make the reservation and in the comments I always write “gluten free and dairy free guest” so they can be prepared. I also think it helps reinforce that they have guests with food restrictions dining who appreciate their restaurant. Upon arrival, the gluten free menu was already ready for me!


Our waitress, Hannah, was delightful. I asked if the Butternut Squash Bisque was dairy-free and she quickly responded that it was! She noted my gluten-free menu and shared which of the specials were gluten and dairy free as she went through them as well. Very informed – I was impressed!

Drinks: My mom ordered the “clean slate” classic cocktail which had pomegranate & cranberry juice. My friend ordered a special cocktail that night which was a pear sangria. Her fiancé, ordered the zinfandel, and I got my favorite rose (Maison St. Aix) which on my first visit, we ordered a bottle of. We were all very happy with our drinks!



Appetizer: I started with the butternut squash bisque which is made from coconut milk, making a creamy base, without dairy! It was topped with curry oil and pumpkin seeds. The seeds added a nice crunch and I very much enjoyed this soup, both visits.


Entree: I am not a fan of most seafood, and since I can’t eat steak or tough meats, I was left with the vegetable dish. I was slightly (HA! get it?) disappointed and surprised they don’t have a chicken option. However, after settling for the vegetables, I was thoroughly impressed with the plate! The waitress asked if there were any vegetables I really didn’t like, so I mentioned Brussels sprouts and broccoli (not that I don’t like them, but can’t have them due to being cruciferous). She said they would’ve both been on the plate so I was glad she asked!


The vegetable plate came out with green beans, mushrooms, a large tomato, green peppers, grilled zucchini (so yummy!), sautéed spinach, and rice with butternut squash. I was so excited to taste everything, I completely forgot to take a picture, so you will have to pardon my nearly finished plate pic. It was delish! There was a sauce lightly drizzled on top. The waitress informed us that this is the only dish that every person in the kitchen contributes to, making it very unique. It was especially good because all of the vegetables were cooked in different ways, not just all grilled, or roasted, like one would typically make at home. On my second visit, we had a slightly less impressive waitress, but she was still able to accommodate my needs. This dish came with tomatoes, grilled zucchini, asparagus, rice with butternut squash, mushrooms, green beans, and I believe eggplant. This time the sauce was on the side.


The atmosphere is thoroughly enjoyable, and guests can hear each other without too much noise, despite the close proximity of tables. There is adequate lighting but still a fine-dining ambiance. Although you may feel like a SNOB while dining at the high-class restaurant, Slightly North of Broad, you will find food allergies easily catered to, while delivering top-notch flavor. I highly recommend making this a stop for dinner on your visit to the low country!



3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Slightly North of Broad (SNOB)

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  2. Visiting SC for the first time and it was suggested we go to SNOB. We did and what a treat, just can’t stop thinking about the Butternut Squash Bisque! The hostess gave me the recipe and I can’t find it. If anyone has it, would love a copy.


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