Eggs in a [bell pepper] Hole

I found a new breakfast with eggs and I am ecstatic!

Egg in a Hole: Rich With Life

I woke up one day this week and just really was craving a new breakfast. I love breakfast… if you’ve been on my instagram at all you can see that. But the problem is I get in ruts. I eat oatmeal every day for 6 months and then one day, I can’t imagine ever eating another bowl of oatmeal ever again. So then I eat eggs for a few months and they get old. So I switch it up to an omelet until that gets old and I add potatoes. Then I go to waffles for a while because oatmeal still sounds gross, and then I feel terrible because I’m eating waffles every day. At that point, waffles or eggs sound better because I know my body will feel better again.

So I’ve done this cycle for a while now and really (still) struggle to find the balance. Until recently… I am trying to get creative and find some new ideas! I’ve been adding in new things like pancakes a few days a week, a breakfast sandwich, or tacos.

Egg in a Hole: Rich With Life

This week, I decided to go on pinterest, spur the moment, standing in front of my stove wondering what I will eat. I found a picture of these eggs in a hole, only it wasn’t bread like the traditional ones I have seen, it was a bell pepper! Unfortunately their version was covered in cheese, but I thought, hey, I bet that would still be awesome without it the cheese. So I made it up as I went, adding in my own twist and ending up with a fantastic result!

The best part? I don’t feel guilty eating these like I do with pancakes and waffles, but it definitely tastes different than my traditional egg omelet. Same ingredients, different taste. I know it sounds weird, but I promise… try it! Plus, who doesn’t love how cute this looks!! I couldn’t stop smiling when I flipped mine over and plated them. It gave me a great sense of accomplishment – and they are so easy! Okay let’s get down to business.

Egg in a Hole

GF, DF, SF, Vegetarian, Paleo
Serves: 1
Prep time: 1 minute
Cook time: 8 minutes



  • 1/2 bell pepper (avoid green if on FODMAP diet)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1-2 C spinach (optional: garlic & onions – avoid for FODMAP)
  • Olive oil (coat pans 2 Tblsp, coconut oil works too)
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • Optional: fresh rosemary or thyme, tomatoes, side of breakfast potatoes

Egg in a Hole: Rich With Life


  1. Rinse and cut bell pepper into 1/4-1/2 inch thick rings. Core the inside by cutting out the white parts.
    1. NOTE: this is really important. The more uniform the cuts, the less chance the egg will leak out. You can decide how thick to make it but will need to cook the pepper first for longer with thicker slices
  2. Place bell pepper in pan coated in olive oil on medium heat and sauté for a minute or two on each side. You want it to wrinkle just a tiny bit. Then lower heat to medium low
    1. Not like an old man, just like a middle-aged, kinda getting a few wrinkles here and there, man.
    2. Thicker pieces sauté longer, maybe 2 minutes each side
  3. In a separate pan drizzled in olive oil , if you want onions and garlic, sauté those for a minute or so, over medium heat without burning.
  4. Add spinach to onion & garlic pan. Stir this every 30-60 seconds while starting step 4, until it reaches desired done-ness.
    1.  It will shrink down like crazy! I like mine just turning darker, not so shrivel-y, but definitely warm and wilted.
  5. Crack eggs individually and drop into each bell pepper ring (note: it will ooze out a bit, don’t panic, just embrace the artistic flare).
    1. I like to just stick my fork into the yolk to let it spread out a bit, but any way you like your eggs will work, even scrambled. I personally haven’t enjoyed eggs any way but scrambled, until this! I really enjoyed the different flavor these gave and breaking the yolk a bit helps it not be so runny as sunny-side-up.
  6. Let each egg in a hole cook about 2-3 minutes each side, flipping carefully with spatula.
  7. Serve up on a bed of sautéed spinach and perhaps some tomatoes and potatoes or fruit on the side.  This is such a complete breakfast and you will feel so good & energized afterward!

Egg in a Hole: Rich With Life - Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar Free!


4 thoughts on “Eggs in a [bell pepper] Hole

  1. Egg in a hole is my favorite breakfast item. I like to make it with the Whole Foods white loaf or the Costco-specific Udis white loaf because each slice is really big! I love to melt a layer of cheese on top and put it all on a bed of spinach. On my healthier days I will definitely need to try this recipe. I’ve never really thought about the “basket” or “hole” being anything other than bread, such a great idea. Thanks!


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