Hotel Breakfast Potatoes

These make my taste buds sing every morning.

Hotel Breakfast Potatoes: Rich with Life - Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free

I feel like I’m on vacation, when I make these babies, sit on my patio, and listen to the world wake up. I coined these “hotel breakfast potatoes” because sometimes when I stay in a nice hotel on the road, or if I have an early flight out the next day, we order room service or to-go from the restaurant. I call down and find out how they make their breakfast potatoes and eggs, and usually they’re fine, but if they are fried or something, they will many times accommodate me and just make my own in a pan on the stove. I love friendly hotels (SPG hotels have a pretty good reputation for cooking safe food in my book).

Okay Emily so what – get to the point. OKAY so these are always the best potatoes! These ones and the ones at Root Down in the Denver airport. Wow, those are so good too. My very very favorite ones are when they have all different colors (yes, you can taste subtle differences, I swear) like purple, blue, red, and then of course the traditional white/tan. Even better is when they add in sweet potatoes. Okay well enough dreaming about hotels – these are the real deal and they taste like the ones in the hotels! I LOVE potatoes so much guys and they just make me so happy the whole time I’m eating, so they usually get eaten last and it’s my favorite part!

Hotel Breakfast Potatoes: Rich with Life - Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free

GF, DF, SF, Vegan

Serves: 3-4 potatoes/person
Prep time: 1 minute
Cook time: 13 minutes


  • Potatoes (any kind you want. I get the little fingerling, or mixed baby potatoes, or the golden/yellow smaller sized ones. Avoid the classic baking potato).
  • Sweet Potatoes (optional)
  • Olive oil (enough to coat the pan)
  • Fresh rosemary – pretty much essential
  • Sea salt
    The proportions depend on how many you want to make and how big your potatoes are. I do 4-5 babies, or 2-3 small sized round golden ones, a couple sprigs of rosemary, and maybe 1-2 Tblsp olive oil. You might prepare 2x as many to have leftovers for the next morning.

Hotel Breakfast Potatoes: Rich with Life - Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free


  1. Peal potatoes (optional, I do it because of the extra fiber & gp, but many people prefer with peel). Chop according to preference. I do fairly thin round-ish circles because they cook fastest. Sometimes I do wedges which is fun and tastes more-potato and less crispy.
  2. Toss the potatoes in a pot and bring a pot of water to boil with just enough water to cover the potatoes (high heat).
  3. Let the water boil on medium-high heat for another 3-5 minutes, until you can easily stab a fork through. You don’t want the potatoes to fall apart, but you definitely want them to be cooked enough that it isn’t hard to stab them. Remove from heat and drain.
  4. Coat a pan with olive oil and using the pre-heated burner from the boiling water, warm the oil on medium heat.
  5. Carefully drop the potatoes into the pan and sauté on medium heat about 3-5 minutes or until the  bottom side is getting a little crispy- light to golden brown (you don’t want the olive oil splattering as it doesn’t handle high heat well and you will burn yourself!)
  6. Sprinkle some fresh rosemary and sea salt on top.
  7. Flip each potato over to cook on the opposite side, about another 3 minutes (at this point the pan will be warmer and they will cook faster).
  8. Remove from heat, drain excess oil in the trash (not in the sink with a disposal) and serve.

Hotel Breakfast Potatoes: Rich with Life - Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free

They do take a little longer than my typical breakfast foods, so if I have an early morning, I’ll make twice as many the day before and just reheat the extra half in the toaster oven (if I didn’t already eat them). The danger to saving half is that they are sitting there all day… wanting to be eaten, so sometimes they don’t make it through to the next day!! 😉

Hotel Breakfast Potatoes: Rich with Life - Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free


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