Blues: Day 50 #100PositiveDays

“Cause you had a bad day, you’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around… You work at a smile and you go for a ride.”

– Daniel Powter

Or maybe you’re more of a…

“Pour me, pour me, pour me, pour me another shot of whiskey. Bartender hit me one more time.”

– Trick Pony

Either way, start by watching this TedTalk on vulnerability. It gets really good around 10 minutes.

Now, find some inspiring quotes. Write down the words that will inspire you and make you happy, every time you read them. Words that will help you get out of bed, eat breakfast, get dressed, and maybe even go outside. Google them, look up hashtags (#onapositivenote) on instagram and twitter, wherever you go to. Write them down on post it notes, and put them all over the house: the bathroom mirror, the front door, the fridge, and microwave. Cute animal pictures are highly recommended as well.

photo (28)

And finally, watch this video (Instructions for a bad day). Its absolutely amazing and will drastically change your mentality. The narrator’s voice alone is empowering.

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