A Smile: Day 55 #100PositiveDays

I like rabbits. I like their busy noses, their curious ears, and their fluffy cotton-tails. I also have a deep appreciation for rabbits mouths. Many people do not realize this but rabbits actually have a split upper lip, meaning they can feel things with that lip and often stick their tongue through it when cleaning their mouths. I adore this adaptation and wish I had a split lip myself (I know it would look funny, but seriously, how practical!). Though, perhaps that’s not such a good idea since my teeth look very similar to rabbits teeth, if it weren’t for the magic of dentists and falsies.


What does this mean? Well, to me, it means that rabbits can smile extra wide. They can show their upper gum especially well and it makes their cheeks puff up just a little bit bigger. We also know rabbits are infamous for their big “buck” teeth, but since everyone knows that crooked teeth make for a better kisser, I’m going to say that rabbits are extra-good at giving kisses. I know first hand, since, I have a rabbit after all 😉

^^ Be sure to check out his lips around 33 seconds!! ^^
Beyond their own adorable smiles though, rabbits just have a way of making others [notably, humans] smile. Everyone who steps foot in my house takes one look at Doc and can’t help but

1) be intrigued (rabbits have a weird way with bringing out the curious side in people) and…
2) smile!

Think about what happens when you see a baby bunny outside hopping around or chewing on grass. What does everyone around you do? Usually, it warrants a “Look!… Awww… *smile*.”  Or what about when bunnies stand on their two hind legs, lick their paws, and clean their faces. Okay seriously there’s not much that’s more adorable than that! They’re just naturally lovable animals and although I do not recommend going out and adopting one [at least not right away], I have to admit that my little bunny brings me quite a bit of joy and muscle tightness in my cheeks [aka: smiles].

Bananas for the Bunny

Hop, hop, hop.
back and forth,
up and down,
all around.


Settling down,
time to eat,
what will I find
as a treat?

A banana, for me!?
Where do I begin?
Messy lips, mushy mouth,
Gulp. All gone.


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