Color: Day 51 #100PositiveDays

I know I haven’t been keeping up with writing but it’s been a crazy month! I will try and write a few posts over the next few weeks but they will be fairly scarce as I’m graduating and moving 2,000 miles away. Hang in there with me as I start this new adventure in my life!

Sky blue, reminiscent of my Tucson home, sky stretching for miles,

Seafoam green, the color of my new beach-themed beginning.

Bright red strawberries atop morning oatmeal,

and sunshine yellow bananas mashing into my bread.

Green, cactus, not grass, and saguaro painting the mountains,

pink cotton candy clouds, saying goodnight.

Purple walls, my little house of four years,

Red and blue, Bear Down, alma mater.

Colors reminiscent of the past,

and those reaching ahead, shining on a bright future. IMG_0249

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