Roots: Day 45 #100PositiveDays


The roots on a tree
grow deep and stretch far,
reaching out for support
forming who they are.

A saguaro cactus
towering over the back wall:
It’s roots near the surface
extending long as they are tall.

A cheerful tulip blossoms
as spring is finally here,
its roots stayed hardy
all through the cold year.

Carrots too,
deep in their roots,
healthy to indulge in
vegetables and fruits.

Plant roots help determine
where they will go,
succeed or fail,
blossoms hide or show.

 Then there’s humans
sensitive beings you see,
our roots too become us,
like it or not, believe me.

So embrace where you’re from,
family and friends too,
because we’ve only got one life,
the decision is left to you.

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