Journey: Day 28 #100PositiveDays

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”  – Ernest Hemingway

A difficult thing I deal with each day is trying to embrace every day and each moment. So often I am just reaching for that destination, racing toward the finish line, and not appreciating what I’m learning and experiencing all along the way.


But don’t we all? Working toward deadlines, sprinting until… what? What exactly are we running towards? The end of one piece of our life. Okay, great so that part is done, now we move on to the next. Is this really what we want; realizing one day that we’re 80 years old and never truly enjoyed all the pieces of our puzzle – the laughter and triumphs, but also the mistakes and lessons – taking each day in stride and reflecting on what we’ve done, who we are? This blog is helping me do just that. My motto for March? Be Here Now. 


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