Good Morning: Day 27 #100PositiveDays

The way your morning starts can make a world of difference. Which is why I love waking up to a text from my boyfriend that says “Goodmorning love” or some other sweet thing he says.

As you may have read, I’ve recently adopted the coffee addiction and start most mornings with a cup ‘a joe. Just smelling it puts a smile on my face! Hey, you can’t argue with scientific research 🙂


I recently changed my wake up alarm from the standard bells chiming or jamaican drum beats the iphone comes with that I’ve always used before. I changed it to a song that puts me in a really good mood – “It’s a beautiful day” by Michael Buble. Alright, so the song may be about walking in on his girlfriend cheating on him and them breaking up, but the words put me in a good mood. I often find myself humming it throughout the day, which is a reminder of how many beautiful things there are in the world.

Waking up to the right start can really change everything.

How do you try and start your day with a smile? Perhaps try these banana pancakes.


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