Strength: Day 8 #100PositiveDays

“Choose rather to be strong of soul than strong of body.” Pythagoras

Strength is relative. My Strong, may not be the same Strong that it was last year, and it’s definitely not the same as your Strong. But in the end, Strength is needed for us all to “keep on keepin’ on” and get through the hard stuff.

Strength can be measured in terms of physical muscle mass. It can be measured by perseverance. Strength can be measured by emotions, athletic Strength, Strength in talents, Strength in relationships, etc. Strength cannot just be measured in the amount of time you spend at the gym or how far you run.

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I go to physical therapy every week to work on maintaining the physical Strength I currently have and work on exercises to strengthen my joints. I know I’m never going to look like the beautiful athletes at my University, or even like the toned-sorority girls. But I’ve accepted that, because my body is not meant to be worked in that way. I can’t run. The impact on my joints is simply too much. When I tell people I work out, they laugh with disbelief. But here’s the deal, my workout is making me into the best person I can be. And that’s all that matters. Setting my own personal goals and working each day towards that goal.

We can’t minimize the emotion and psychological Strength that we each have. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are exhausting as well and if you’ve ever been through a really rough patch of stress in your life, you have seen the physical impact that has on the body. That negative impact makes it harder to get out of bed in the morning and do each activity of daily life.

So no matter where your “Strength” truly lies, just remember to set your own goals, and keep track of your progress. Recognize when you are strong and reward yourself; Because we’re only given this one body and we have to take care of what we’ve got.

I walk into the gym
looking around.
Grunts, moans, sweat
I don’t make a sound.

In my small corner
laying on my yoga mat
the intimidation surrounds me;
I’m so thankful I’m not fat.

Small movement exercises,
strengthening my core,
I’ve only been here twenty minutes
wondering if I can do more.

Don’t compare yourself to them,
I scorn in my head,
just being here is progress,
you got out of bed.

I leave the gym tired,
I wasn’t there very long,
but hold your head high girl,
you’re getting there, you’re strong.

What are your strengths? Do you set goals and reward yourself for being strong?


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