Smile: Day 1 #100PositiveDays

Keep your head up and smile through the rain.

Smiles are important. Not only for your personal well-being, but for the well-being of others. Smiles are contagious. When one person smiles, the other person can’t help but feel a sense of joy themselves.

As much as I love to smile, I often find myself being self-conscious, especially when taking selfies, or looking at awkward over-excited smiling pics. Case in point:


I have a couple of fake teeth and one of my lips folds under and makes my smile crooked.

But how can I be embarrassed with something that is an expression of happiness? How can I see flaws in an expression of such a wonderful emotion? No matter the awkwardness, smiling is natural beauty. No chance to look in the mirror, fix your makeup, or prepare yourself – it just happens! Everyone has a beautiful smile, because when you smile, your eyes smile, your face brightens up, and the sunshine inside of you, is brought out for the world to see. So let the world see your rays of light. Who knows, it could truly brighten someone’s day. Heaven knows we could use a little more sunshine on the cloudy days.


Missing teeth,
crooked lips,
but when you smile
my frown turns and flips!

My smile’s not perfect,
as you clearly see.
But what makes a smile perfect?
Pure joy, and glee.


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